Welcome & thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy.

I work at Contino as the Director of Enterprise Transformation. Based in London and mainly specialise in:

  • Assessing, benchmarking and advising on Enterprise Agility.
  • Consultancy proposition design, validation, go-to-market & maturation.
  • DevOps, Cloud, Agile & Big Data thought leadership & advisory.
  • Designing and steering Transformation strategy.

I keep my some time open for informal collaboration & discussion. This can be where the magic happens! Drop me a note and let me know.


The industry is indebted to the amazing thought leaders & pioneers. I draw on the expansive body of knowledge across areas such as Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Cloud.

  • Science of startups & innovation. e.g. The Startup Way by Eric Ries.
  • General Business, Strategy, Markets. Particular Harvard Business Review & the Economist.
  • DevOps & Lean. e.g. Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble.
  • Enterprise agility & transformation. e.g. Lean Enterprise, Wardly Mapping, Design Driven Development.
  • Marketing. Strategy & Seth Godin e.g. Akimbo, Lynchpin.
  • Business Models: Business Model Canvas, Proposition Design, JTBD. (Everything Strategyzer).
  • Agile approaches for decision-making . e.g. Impact Mapping.

Productivity tools

Iā€™m a visual thinker and can frequently be found sketching on my iPad Pro.

  • Reeder. I still prefer targeted RSS to sample new articles.
  • Todoist. Try and deliver 3 Tasks that make a different every day.
  • LiquidText (research). Engaging in materials helps it sink in.
  • Paper
  • Notability (PDF library).
  • Bear writer (notes).

Other various interests

  • Martial arts: traditional boxing, Muay Thai. Really enjoyed BJJ and would like to find the time to revisit.
  • Psychology, Neuroscience, meditation, HRV & biofeedback.
  • iPad sketching, experimenting with digital design.
  • Qi Gong, Biohacking, bluelights, supplements, breathwork, Quantified Self.
  • Blockchain & Futurism. MIT Tech review, Wired, etc.
  • Trying out data visualisations: sentiment analysis, financial assets classes with Python in Jupyter notebooks.