Future of Payments eBook

Last month, working with the Contino team we published the Future of Payments eBook.

The idea was born out of long standing frustration encountered with payments providers & teams struggling to take advantage of public cloud. As payments numbers continue to grow, there is also a serious need to leverage the vast datasets locked away in payments databases in order to increase their agility and improve the overall client ecosystem.

I started to ask the reason why payments was lagging in cloud adoption & dropped this into a mindmap (Mindnode), outlining the challenges, the value potential and solution options.

The intention was to provide a call to arms with a quick, tangible step to adopt a data streaming architecture that blasts through the “analysis paralysis” challenge that has subverted many previous attempts.

The time seemed right with the a number of overlapping events:

  • Prevalence of streaming architectures.
  • Desire for payments to modernise ecosystems.
  • Ease of public cloud adoption & agility benefits.

Those companies we have seen unlock the data advantage benefit from:

  • enhanced digital engagement.
  • horizontal integration in additional sectors and offerings.
  • recommendation engines for cross-selling and upselling.

My view is that there should be a more aggressive drive race towards formulating the first mature Self-Driving Finance offering. The resulting benefit to profitability, market efficiency, and customer satisfaction will be a major strategic benefit.

Read the report here