It's a Good Time to Re-establish OKRs In Our Remote World

I recently shared a battle-tested, Objectives and Key Results (“OKR”) remote activity template on the Miroverse. Too often transformation failures stemming from a variety of inter-group misalignment. Although it seems like smooth sailing, deeper analysis often highlights unchecked assumptions and mismatches.

A straight-forward activity to identify and remediate these risks involves boiling down complex interactions to the bare minimum. The aim of the template is help empower a facilitator to conduct a remote, guided exercise that brings transparency & vision alignment to an upcoming or ongoing change initiative.

Any complex transformation is thwart with danger. Investing in this 1 day activity provides a stronger platform of group alliance. It provides critical learning, reflection and collaboration opportunities, helping shift the chances of success in your favour.

A blank canvas awaits:

From the OKR Triangle Exercise entry on Miroverse:

We may guess we are all getting the same picture, but rarely do we take into account the complexities and take time to reach the most useful common ground. The goal of this workshop is to establish a set of applicable OKRs defined traceable through organisational layers.

Keep it quick & use agile principles: set a visible timer for each sprint with short breaks between each. While the teams are mostly left to self-organise, you should ensure that there is enough coverage across the 4 areas and an elected “Product Owner” joins to be able to have a final say in deadlock situations to keep the conversation flowing.