Maintaining product quality

Customer loyalty takes years to build but only a minutes to destroy. For this reason, even a strong proposition, business model and team can experience significant setbacks when quality slips away during the scaling process. From experience, this risk is best addressed from 3 separate angles:

  1. The product mindset.
    • Establish the right organisational structure that ensures quality is everyone’s responsibility.
    • Maintain transparency and alignment to the most important metrics.
    • Structure quality investments to be aligned with customer sensitivity.
  2. An agile culture.
    • Build processes that ensures quality is built in.
    • Educate teams in being vocal around specific requirements.
    • Distribute the responsibilities for building and validating quality to continually mature the team’s thinking.
  3. Engineering maturing
    • This could be using automation, gates, TDD/BDD, simulations.
    • Use intelligent cloud tools such as AWS Device Farm.
    • Adopt frameworks to support the ideas of 1 & 2 (e.g. gherkin, cucumber, cypress, selenium).