Transformation and the net you see the world through

Transformation is one of those overused words that now mean everything and nothing at the same time. The term is more often borrowed to fit the place of an event that is usually less visionary. On reality TV we have the personality transformation, the body transformation, the style transformation. But beyond the glorious 5 minute reveal, how much of the long, grinding process of true change are shown? The wheels of change move far too slowly for a 30 minute time slot.

The Reality TV version in an organisation can mean: building a digital app, new role titles, or a paragraph in the annual report.

But for “Digital Transformation” to be successful teams need to opt for the vision that Eric Reis details in The Startup Way.

It’s difficult to perceive the human Operating System that shapes the world through a lens of thoughts, assumptions, experiences, habits, assumptions. These mental models are the basis of every action and is akin to (as Alan Watts descried) seeing the world through a net. Even if you think your mind is clear, evidence shows you are prone to thousands of mental biases that bends your mind in certain ways.


When Eric Reis in the “Startup Way” explains the organisational state of Continuous Transformation he details a changes to the organisational mental model that has impact from the ground upwards:

  • Mindset: Change & adaptability is a high priority.
  • Process: Atomic units of work and focus on flow.
  • Structure: “Continuous Transformation” function.
  • Capability: experimentation and entrepreneur mindset.

It seems like top level focus without foundations are prone to “reality TV transformation”: superficial changes with short term benefits that are quickly unstuck.