Optimising your life: unleashing new consumer health tech

Consumer demands are not separated by segment. The growing disparity between our overall advancements and our access to healthcare is becoming frustratingly clear. In the UK, health investment is only responsive rather than preventative. The National Health Services (NHS) are high performing in critical situations, but failing to address every leading that lead to an emergency.

Why are we not focusing our best minds and tools at the problems at hand? Where is technology promised that would create a cost-effective, accessible, preventative approach?

Throughout the years I’ve followed some of the trends of “biohacking” over the last 10 years. Some of the smartest systems thinkers have attempted to combine their unique perspective with health experts and research to invent new options.

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How to redefine Control: a defining behaviour in achieving organisational agility

Throughout my consulting experience I have spent countless hours influencing Enterprise Agility in the trenches. I consistently find evidence that project success is strongly related to level of team autonomy. Simply, the capacity for a Product Team to fluidly connect with the multiple “actors”[1] & focus on progressing towards outcomes is a key to project success.

Team empowerment is easily understood in theory but difficult to adopt by traditional organisations. In this mode, Management needs a new set of skills such to focus on activities such as:

  • Defining & communication the overall vision.
  • Setting the strategy and relationship to the business models.
  • Streamlining operational activities.

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Huge Potential for Australian FinTech Investments in 2019 and 2020

Australian FinTech Investments are looking promising. New tech and reg changes are have brought new product to meet an aggressive demands. The same factors were at play when UK FinTech that started 3 years ago. This included shifting regulation, market conditions and lowering barriers to entry.

Australia looks to be a faster follower in producing international FinTech success stories.


June 2018 ecosystem, artesian venture partners

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Along the Transformation Journey: Shift to Empirical Business Cases

Enteprise tech is continues the shift from Business Support to Strategic Driver:

  • Previously: the CIO was focused on cost saving and productivity.
  • Today: CEOs are looking to CIOs for tech-driven. Examples include new business models, increased employee engagement, uplifting talent.

A reboot of the business case is long overdue.


Effectively communicating enterprise value is a key to major transformation acceleration. Poor business cases:

  • Lack a strong, scientific evidence base.
  • Hide unvalidated assumptions.
  • Use long “entitlement funding” cycles with yearly lump sums without proving value.
  • Have emotional investment.

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What nobody tells you about a Cloud Exit Strategy

As the FS industry’s demand for cheap, flexible, modern infrastructure services continues to gain momentum, there is a rapid push to assemble a robust cloud strategy. This is a heavy task: the key outputs will likely lay the foundations of Banking Industry’s technology roadmap for the next 4-5 years. Now that all their cards have been laid down on the table, Banks are facing some serious questions challenging their true commitment to technology-first as well as their overall appetite for change.

The Cloud Exit Strategy position in this strategy is paramount. Companies are looking to shrug off the bitter-sweet era of the “omnipresent vendor”; a time when software lock-in and bank-vendor interests were intertwined across most areas of the bank. This vendor decoupling is empowering: it is allowing banks to set a safe boundaries whilst also reaping the benefits of evolution in the cloud.

The Necessary Performance-Commitment Trade Off

By design, Cloud-native features offer tempting ROI but can somewhat tie you to the unique solution. Native adoption requires a level of faith: for example: in the feature roadmap, the ongoing reliability and area investment.

Alternatively, a blind Lift-and-Shift mentality will lead to activities such as snapshotting VMs and ingesting them directly to the target VM provider service. This is mostly portable but with zero cloud advantage with a potentially higher TCO.

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